I Know It When I See It

Episode 02: Consent

May 27, 2022 Skye Novaya and Carta Monir Season 1 Episode 2
I Know It When I See It
Episode 02: Consent
Show Notes

Topics Discussed:
Non-binary hair
Consent in BDSM
Anti-porn feminism
Kink dot com
What would an ideal BDSM porn studio be like?
Our dynamic

Irene Boss
Graphic Sexual Horror, 2009 (this documentary has Carta's anti-recommendation... it's excellently made, and pure psychic damage. Watch at your own risk.)
Kink,  2013

Poem Skye's Sub Wrote About Them:

There is an adjustment that I have to make every time.

What sometimes allows me to adjust myself is observing this person managing both her desire and my fantasy with unusual energy and skill.

When she calculates my limit. How much I am capable of taking. How much she is capable of giving. How much she can damage me without being forced to end the scene.

I love when she tells me to do what I must do. Which I know to be impossible.

She tells me what I am going to do, and her tale scares me, because this thing is beyond my capabilities.

She is reasonable only because she wants to believe that she is reasonable.

Does that sound like a terrible thing to say? On the contrary, to manage one's motives rationally is admirable.

I would not want to see an intuitive, uncontrolled confused person 
such as myself trying to manage motives of sadism.

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KING by ESPer 99


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