I Know It When I See It

Episode 07: It's Pat!

July 04, 2022 Skye Novaya and Carta Monir Season 1 Episode 7
I Know It When I See It
Episode 07: It's Pat!
Show Notes

Sound quality in this episode is lower than usual because of temporary recording conditions, sorry about that! It's very listenable but a little scratchy in places.

Topics Discussed:
It's Pat!
Being a T4T chaser
Carta's t-dick tattoo
Is it rude to masturbate during the podcast?
Leathersex + Skye's vow
D/s dynamics
D/s with disability
Taking pain as service
Avoiding interdependence in D/s
What it feels like to get railed by a fucksaw

Carta's It's Pat! fanfic
The Marketplace series by Laura Antoniou (Carta's problematic fave)
Mr. Benson (Skye's problematic fave)

Our crushes:
Dominique Rystan
Peach Emojy

Podcast Music
KING by ESPer 99


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