I Know It When I See It

Episode 08: Covid, Contracts, Cum

July 26, 2022 Skye Novaya and Carta Monir Season 1 Episode 8
I Know It When I See It
Episode 08: Covid, Contracts, Cum
Show Notes

Sound quality in this episode is BAD on Carta's end because she didn't turn off her air conditioner to record. Lesson learned! It sounds like she's on a phone instead of a microphone as a result, sorry about that. (She couldn't have recorded without AC because she was like... sweating bullets and very sick, so this is a compromise lol)

Topics Discussed:
Carta has coronavirus
Carta got covid from giving a professional talk
Skye kisses and tells
Professional contracts??
Skye's opinions aren't their own
Lawyers and porn forms
Do we care if people call us queer?
Carta pipes up right at the end

Carta's professional talk for ICON11

Our crushes:
Courtney Coles
River Queer

Podcast Music
KING by ESPer 99


  • Skye needs a sponsor to pay for some custom equipment commissions and an international trip. Is this you? Contact them here!
  • Carta needs someone to pay for a new laptop, as well as debt incurred by legal fees fro setting up her new websites. Send money through venmo, cashapp, or paypal! She also has a wishlist now! Buy her a dashcam to make her car safer?? Is that sexy?? Oh god she needs money