I Know It When I See It

Episode 10: Bad Hotline

August 22, 2022 Skye Novaya and Carta Monir Season 1 Episode 10
I Know It When I See It
Episode 10: Bad Hotline
Show Notes

Topics Discussed:
Visa and Mastercard pull out of PornHub
Skye's bad idea for a suicide hotline
What does it mean to have "experience" in kink?
Boot fetish basics
Vomit is "the commitment to the blowjob"
Nonconsensual hypnosis
How do we choose who we work with?
Do we have specific minimum ages for our collaborators?
Listener question: is there any porn of Skye fucking Carta with a strap-on?
Mainstream kink porn has the same approach as Guy Fieri
Managing depression
What should we do when we record in the same location?

Daisy Does Taxes' breakdown of the Visa/MC news
Fisting for Jesus
Tommy King
Against Memoir by Michelle Tea
Zepp Wellness

Our crushes:
Raquel Savage
Jamal Phoenix

Podcast Music
KING by ESPer 99


  • Skye needs more sexy boots and a shopping trip for their birthday. Will you be the one to spoil them? Contact them here!
  • Carta's birthday is coming up! She has a wishlist now! Buy her a dashcam to make her car safer?? Is that sexy?? Or just send her money other ways!